Reason for Love

“Reason for Love” the first release from STEER THREE SEVEN ZERO – The new album of retrospective tracks from The Other Side (1983 – 1988) These masters were thought to have been lost .. in 2018 “Pab” our sound man .. found most of them in a sealed box .. we did the re-mastering at EVE Studios Manchester England and now here they are – “released”

Reason for Love was recorded in Station House 8 Track Studio in New Brighton, England in 1988.

Written by Dave Barrett

Engineered by Phil Burns /Paul Madden

Produced by Phil Burns / Paul Madden


The Band

Dave Barrett: Lead Vocals
Steve Barrett: Bass Guitar , Backing Vocals
Paul Madden: Guitar
Max Beckham: Drums
Kev Roberts: Keyboards
Lynn: Backing Vocals on Mica

Kenny Berry: Additional Keys on Corner of a Field, Mica 24 Track
Phil Burns: Additional Chorus Guitar on Jubilee , Reason For Love

Art Work by Max Beckham

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