1983 - Tunnels - Crew cut boys and Bobby sox girls.. 1950's straight America, Long before the hippies and the civil rights movement.. on Coney Island a boat ride into a tunnel of love .. At the time The band were called "The Other Side of The Mersey" ... given to us by our manager at the time.. Rolling Stones and Beatles publicist Mr Charles Comer...

Shout Out
1984 - Shout Out - At the height of the Cold War in the 1950’s the American government thought up a great catchphrase to let its population know what do in the event of a Soviet Nuclear attack… you remember what it was?
Is that what wars are for
1985 - Wars - The song is about the glorification of war without the real truth coming out "No man who knows war wants war" Pab was back from one of his world tours and helped out down the studio giving these tracks a powerful live sound ..

1986 - When It rains - Ambition is almost a curse..but if you have it’ll understand the lyrics…born out of a perculiar kind of masochism.. The 2nd track with Pabs collaboration ..

1986 - O' Nadia - I loved the idea of the beautiful Nadia in some Eastern Block apartment..listening to her equally handsome and militant boyfriend / girlfriend raging over government lies and propaganda..The 3rd track with Pabs collaboration..

1987 - Mica 8 Track - The beautiful summer song with a twist…A young woman Mica has disappeared...and as the days shorten...hope begins to fade .. There is also a 24 Track version included with an additional chorus section and piano parts...

1987 - Corner of a Field - " In a corner of a field ..there ain't nothing that ain't real "'s getting harder to find ..but it's still out there.. Recorded through the night somewhere North of Manchester England ...

1988 - Jubilee - Is about someone who thinks they've lost the unshakeable love and trust of their soulmate but is not absolutely sure ..and is trying to find out... Released as a 7" white Label in January 1989

1988 - Reason for Love - I'm not sure I could sing it now...those notes are pretty high you know and probably not in my normal key..but there is no auto tune and I gave it my best shot....Joanne on backing vocals adds so much..I wish we had more of her on the track

Originally released as a 7" white Label in January 1989

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