The Other Side was formed from the end of the Dick Smith Band in 1982 … ….I got hold of a keyboard placed my fingers on it until I found something I liked , loved experimenting with unusual chords etc… as I never knew any of the chords that I was playing..I’m sure Kevin said […]

Dave , Steve and Simon Catherall ( Sax ) started working together in 1982 on songs written by Dave Barrett .. Paul M got back involved later that year.. we started doing some demos in a bedroom in Wallasey using a 4 Track TEAC a stringman keyboard and a roland drum machine … the shower […]

I wish I could turn the clock back and realise what we were and what we had …I’m still a bag of nerves and could have never have been that person who negotiated deals and plotted paths but with the band virtually back together after thirty five years something is definitely happening…fucking Max Beckham our […]

Its 2018 and our second meeting with max and his wonderful wife sue was remarkably civilised considering the persons present ….max has lost none of his bloody mindedness despite being physically disabled and it was a pleasure to hear him telling me to fuck off again ….Max was always the artist of the band …took […]

One of the strange things about being in The Other side is I have no memory of it beginning …only vague memories of it actually happening…and the only memory I have of it ending is shaking our keyboard player Stevo’s hand ,wishing him the best of luck and watching him trudge down my mums road […]