If …..

I wish I could turn the clock back and realise what we were and what we had …I’m still a bag of nerves and could have never have been that person who negotiated deals and plotted paths but with the band virtually back together after thirty five years something is definitely happening…fucking Max Beckham our drummer anarchist and urban guerrilla…is still despite being completely disabled with a brain disease or something is still the most argumentative little bastard I’ve ever known…I rather pompously said something on our reunion at his house a few weeks back only to be completely shot down by the little bastard….I don’t know how I’ve lived without him for all these years ..same goes for Paul our leader…..I’ve missed him more than I can say really and the old saying is completely correct ..add to this my rejuvenated bass playing brother who also has severe health problems and the merry crew are almost back together …..maybe thirty five years too late but we are going to give it another go…


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