The Art Man

Its 2018 and our second meeting with max and his wonderful wife sue was remarkably civilised considering the persons present ….max has lost none of his bloody mindedness despite being physically disabled and it was a pleasure to hear him telling me to fuck off again ….Max was always the artist of the band …took the best photos we’ve ever had and provided us with inspired and anarchic artwork for the covers for our early cassette sleeves ….I was terribly saddened when he informed us on our first meeting in about thirty years of how he ” couldn’t draw anymore ” and I imagined him wistfully looking at his old artists kit with a tear rolling down his face…..lying little bastard…
when the subject of art was cautiously raised …..I said to Max that I’d seen him moving his hand in big animated circles as we talked and what did he mean ” he couldn’t draw anymore “..and was told ” I can’t draw fucking detail ” in a rather don’t fucking ask me again.way … taking my life in my hands I ventured ” errr what’s that folder there then ” ..
It was slid over to me by wife sue and revealed the most stunning artwork …literally a revelation…I said” when did you do this then ” and he replied “six months ago” ….” I thought you said you couldn’t draw anymore” I replied and max said ” I fucking can’t draw  detail anymore ” …” fucking hell max ..” I shouted ..” This is fucking genius ” he then took self criticism ( I’m pretty good at that ) to a whole new level when he said…” they’re shit… I couldn’t draw any fucking detail ” Sue chipped in ” you should have seen the stuff he threw away “…Jesus….he’s still as fucking awkward as he always was

Ps….expect to see some of Max’s artwork on all sorts of Other Side stuff as we get this thing rolling….

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