Strange Keys and Things

One of the strange things about being in The Other side is I have no memory of it beginning …only vague memories of it actually happening…and the only memory I have of it ending is shaking our keyboard player Stevo’s hand ,wishing him the best of luck and watching him trudge down my mums road in the rain carrying his last keyboard wrapped in a bin bag ….what made this scene so poignant was the fact that only months earlier he had arrived with many keyboards ..a little sports car and a page 3 girlfriend …
We got in touch with Stevo recently to see if he had any memories or tapes and guess what ….he’s managing director of one of the largest companies around and doing quite nicely thank you…….He very generously said how nice it was to hear from us again but just in case probably
looked out of his office window and checked that yes he had made a good life for himself and yes that was his BMW outside….phew!
We had quite a few keyboard players in The other Side by virtue of the fact that although I wrote most of the songs on a keyboard I couldn’t actually play one …
So roughly we had ( speaking quickly …Kevin and Simon and Steve and Jonathan and Kenny) and probably a few others I can’t even remember …
Each one of these keyboard players had to be shown the chords by me and as I don’t know any recognised chords and literally just close my eyes …move my hands around until I like the sound of something and then move onto the next ” chord ” this often caused bemusement from these often paid and hired virtuoso’s and I was frequently told ” you can’t do that …that chord does not exist …you’ll have to add a seventh ” or whatever it was but I stuck to my guns and insisted they played them exactly as written…..some of them used to sulk and even try to move the odd finger to make it into a ” proper chord ” but I would hear it and rather nervously go over and say ” that’s nearly it …just move that finger there onto that black key …there…that’s it …thanks..”….we would pay them their £50 ….have salmon paste sandwiches for tea because we’d given them all our money and I would say ” I’ll learn honest….its just..” and Max…Steve and Paul would look at me and think ” fucking salmon paste again ..because of him “…..thirty years on I still can’t fucking play properly and on one more recent adventure the person determined to make me ” play the fucking keyboard ” would count me in and of course I would come in at my own place and they eventually would give up……you can hear some of those wacky chords on songs like ” pity those who suffer ” and ” Alien ”

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