Peas and Spoons

As I try to come to terms with the actual fact that we The Other Side are all sitting in the same room together discussing our next move occurred to me….why didn’t we do this the first time round ..Sue made us coffee and Max talked then Paul then Steve and then onto me…..rounded points and honest nods were the order of the day….I almost half expected someone to say what my mum said to the vicar all those years ago when we first moved here ” Lovely day for it vicar ” she tooted….and then probably rolled round on the floor laughing with her just as incorrigible soul mate and drinking partner Sheila Cameron…..
We used to rehearse in my mums tiny kitchen in Langdale rd New Brighton …a full band …..I have been back there since and can literally not see how we did it……what did the people upstairs think or next door…and do you know what I don’t think we cared ….it had to be done and my dear old mum would make all and sundry tea and sandwiches ….and would literally welcome everyone with open arms……
My mums new husband Phil was just as accommodating and I will start the ball rolling on this one but expect my sister to come up with a more detailed account of how this particular person ended up sitting in my mums back room having a roast dinner and being served peas by Phil restaurant style with a fork and a spoon ..
The late Charles Comer was credited along with Chris Blackwell from Island records with bringing reggae direct from Jamaica to the masses all over the world…he was the Rolling Stones publicist…..he was one of the people in the helicopter that landed in Shea Stadium New York for The Beatles most iconic concert ever…he was Stevie Ray Vaughns manager and also had Cyndi Lauper ( who he called Sidney ) on his books and he was sitting in my mums back room being served peas with a spoon and a fucking fork……it seems so surreal now and if you put Charles Comer in Google there he is…
He allocated Greg Allen and Fran his wife as our personal managers …both American as can be and lovely fun people…we even thought about trying to track them down…maybe they’ve got the master tapes that no one can find…
And we still didn’t make it ?…..I can hear you ask……how come ….
I really don’t know but stick with me and together we’ll find out.

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