Janet loves John

One of the things I did think when I started to write the words for The Other side music was ..” I really don’t want to write about all the usual stuff like. ” ..I love you but you don’t even fucking like me anymore you horrible cruel bastard ” so chose in stead to write about addiction..nuclear war….senseless slaughter of the planets animals and other cheery subjects like chronic loneliness and self loathing…..I bet you can’t guess what ” Alien ” is about can you…maybe we should get some Max Beckham limited edition designed t shirts printed and reward those of you who send us either the closest or most inventive take on the lyrics with one of them …
Actually that’s not a bad idea …we used to sell T shirts and badges and posters and stuff at DSB gigs and they are collectors items on the internet now worth God knows what…Big Dave our roadie was tasked with making the badges on our own badge machine in the attic and as long as he had enough pot to last him he would do that all day until you told him to stop….Paul reminded us that at a DSB party someone had actually thrown the ridiculously heavy cast iron machine out of the attic window and how it didn’t flatten some poor bastard being sick in the front garden is a mystery to us all…..

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