Kevin Bong …..

One of the unsung heroes of The Other Side I have just realised this evening is of course Keyboard player Mr Kevin Roberts…. it’s a peculiar thing but I the writer always looked up to him in some peculiar way as he had been one of the founder members of boy band Buster and travelled the world to great acclaim was after all he and the late great Pete Leay who recorded the Dick Smith Band’s very first demo in PDs flat in New Brighton circa 1978…these guys turned up with knowledge of eq and stereo this and mono that that I really couldn’t contemplate at my then very tender age of maybe twenty years ..these guys had been on a proper tour and were literally ” Big in Japan “….Kevin was I remember rather studious in the studio and would look at me incredulously as I threw another non existent chord at him …the keyboards he had then if I remember were the legendary DX7 ..DX21 and other assorted DX’s….all Yamaha and as Kev would set them up I would look at him with bemused admiration as he messed with algorithm this and decay that….but I have just listened to his keyboard playing on the glorious Mika …to me it’s his finest hour …a musician released …a potential absolutely fulfilled …thanks Kev..

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